What We Do... and why it may matter to you?

  • Develop premium rifle-specific-tuned-ammunition which delivers extreme accuracy together with the highest muzzle velocity for any distance shooting including extreme long range for over 4,000 individual customer rifles since 1996.
  • Loaded close to one million rounds of customer ammunition (including military/gov orders as well as “over-the-counter” ammo).
  • R&D on tens of thousands of different load variations, on just about every conceivable modern caliber, all data is then housed in a comprehensive ballistics data base.
  • Our clients send their favorite hunting rifles with “peace of mind” they will get back a integral “system” that’s;distinguished expertise in extreme long range hunting, and tactical rifles ammo.
    • Ultra reliable expertly inspected/tested with our comprehensive 40 point check list.
    • Extreme Accuracy Guaranteed-we push your rifle hard and get all we can out of it!
    • 200-400+FPS faster muzzle velocity (when application demands) taking complete advantage of today’s amazing and versatile premium bullets.
  • Premier 50 Cal ammunition manufacturer, producing rifle-specific-tuned-ammunition for top military and competitive shooters worldwide, these riflemen have accurately engaged targets in excess of 1mile!
  • 520-586-2582
  • or by email at
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